Thursday, October 16, 2014

“The people united, will never be defeated.”

The Friends of Bethel Burial Ground Coalition is working to preserve the final resting place of 5,000 Black Philadelphians who are interred in an historic burial ground under the Weccacoe Playground at 4th and Queen Street, in the Southwark section of South Philadelphia.

The City of Philadelphia, Department of Parks and Recreation is trying to renovate the playground with no regard for the graves of our ancestors buried there. These Black Philadelphians lived and died in Southwark during the 18th and 19th centuries. They are the founding members of the Black community in Philadelphia. They are our ancestors in the African Diaspora.

The Friends of Bethel Burial Ground Coalition is made up of residents and taxpayers of Philadelphia County, who own this historic public site. We are working to stop any further desecration of the site by permanently protecting and preserving the graves of our ancestors as a local, state and national historic site.

The Coalition is holding a public Libation Ceremony on Saturday October 18, 2014 at the burial site. Since the rediscovery of this historic site there has been no public prayer offered for our ancestors at the place of their interment. We ask that every person interested in honoring the African Ancestors buried at this historic site join us to offer prayers and celebrate their lives.

We encourage you to bring your drums, bells, horns and all of your good will, as you join us to honor our ancestors on Saturday October 18th  at 4th and Washington Avenue in Philadelphia. Please wear traditional African attire if you have it. Everyone of goodwill is invited to participate. 

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